it's a mess. seriously. wtf. look away for five minutes and physical host drops dead. google up and decides to give away host name to squarespace of all places. ffs. anyway, got that shit back from them and now it's with cloudflare, which is at least a little less cringe. no authentication server for the moment so i have to edit this file in ed like literally ED. can you believe it's XX23 and im editing a file with ed? im doing it and I don't beleive it. anyway. what else? helion is dead i think? again. and along with her gemini is down. gemini sucks anyway. i mean the protocol is fine . um ya. oh also muffet is toast, which means even if the module to generate html were added yet (it's not) it wouldn't matter. the database exists. somewhere. but until auth is running again it doesn't matter. need to get a new router because ISP doesn't trust it's users to configure them. it's a disaster in short. anyway the trip to tyria was fun. got to see some old friends in the mists. but if shit hits the fan every time i blink it's going to be a long time before i get a chance to go back.